European Taxi Simulator 3D

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- Realistic physics of taxi and other vehicles

- Unique applications for taxi and to deliver passengers from the entrance to the entrance!

- Excellent detailed realistic passengers / pedestrians with elaboration animations

- Intelligent Transport System Traffic - European car industry legends such as Lada and UAZ

- A realistic system of traffic lights and gas stations

- You can choose a variety of taxis, mines and buy - Taxi USSR GAZ-24, Lada 2112 and Lada Priora

- Real European city - a taste of the Motherland!

- Soft Control with the arrow keys or the accelerometer!

- Camera with salon and other kinds!

- Incredible 3D graphics, Explore the world!

- Addictive gameplay!

リリース日:[平成27年]2015年7月3日(金曜日) 3158日[約8年9ヵ月]前です



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