Toca Life: Vacation

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Explore four locations: airport, hotel, beach and sightseeing.

Create stories for 34 new characters.

X-ray luggage or people at the airport! Visit the cockpit and have a snack on the plane.

Fill up at the hotel buffet or raid the fridge in your hotel room.

Play on the hotel elevator then ride up to the top floor to enjoy the view from your penthouse suite.

Shop for souvenirs in the gift shop, take photos in the cut-out figures and have a snack on the boardwalk.

Play on the beach and surf above the ocean animals.

Discover the island mysteries!

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No in-app purchases

リリース日:[令和2年]2020年10月15日(木曜日) 282日[約9ヵ月と12日]前です



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