Space Invader 7

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Progress auto save allows you to pick up from the very moment you left.

Perfect to pick up and play at any time.

Original gameplay for mortals, Easy to play, difficult to master.

3D Stereoscopic features.

Portrait and Landscape mode including joystick support.

Choice of Pixel perfect crisp, clean graphics or scaling with or without smoothing.

Challenge your friends in a HI-SCORE competition.

Graphic options including retro black and white, scanlines, dot matrix etc.

NO Ads and NO In App Purchases, 100% safe and fun for all ages.

Small install, offline play, try the demo for free!

リリース日:[令和3年]2021年3月16日(火曜日) 133日[約4ヵ月と13日]前です



新品販売価格 1045円
参考価格 1045円
[ 価格調査日時 2021年7月28日 7時04分日本時間]

コメント: 参考価格と新品販売価格は同じ価格でした。
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