What is Love?: Your How-To-Guide to Personal Development and Unlimited Love (English Edition)

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発売日:[平成26年]2014年1月17日(金曜日) 1976日[約5年5ヵ月]前です

リリース日:[平成26年]2014年1月17日(金曜日) 1976日[約5年5ヵ月]前です



Have you had enough of how confusing the dating world can be? Are you a hopeless romantic but have gotten your heart broken too many times and have just given up on love? Are you in need of relationship advice and help but are overwhelmed with what is already out there? Are you wondering why you haven't met " the one" yet out of all of the people you have dated? Are you married or in a long-term relationship but you know the quality of your relationship can be more exciting, full of romance and passion? Well this book is for you.

Don't wait any longer to live the life you always dreamed of! Learn how to:

Love yourself more...

In this book,"What is love?", your journey starts by first exploring who you are and finding love first for yourself. Throughout your journey through life, the person who will be with you from the moment you are born to your last day is undoubtedly …YOURSELF.

Love others with more compassion and authenticity...

It is a basic need of human nature to need others to spend time with, talk to, share experiences with or else there is no point to accomplish anything or live life if the actions you make do not affect something or someone. Learn how to make each and every interaction with another person worthwhile and impactful.

Love the world around you with more curiosity and a sense of wonder...

We live on a beautiful planet that Mother Nature has blessed us with. Because of our gifts from Mother Nature, we should respect, nurture and appreciate what has been given to us.

Love the higher power that you believe in with more devotion and faithfulness...

By loving who you are as a person, learning how to love other people around us, and love the world we live in, we gain greater insight and appreciation for the one who created it all.The Creator is love.By exploring the meaning of love, you develop a deeper faith and relationship with the one you see as The Creator.

In "What Is Love? Your How-To-Guide to Personal Development and Unlimited Love", Krystle Antonio has written from the heart to provide an easy-to-read and conversational guide on – in a nutshell – love. With her belief in the power of love to heal and empower, Krystle shares her passionate journey on discovering how to love more, how to love herself more, and how to spread more love to others.

Readers are guided gently on their own paths of personal development and growth through the progression of four parts: love of self, love of others, love of the world around us, and love of a higher power.

Containing a comprehensive list of references, personal experiences, and separate chapter exercises for the reader to complete, this book is an important tool in bringing “hope to a suffering planet of people” and is all the more effective by the compassion evident on every page.

Change you life now and discover the amazing truth to finding true love and your key to happiness. You won't understand love until you read this.

*About The Author*

As an Entrepreneur, Personal Growth Expert, Author, and Law of Attraction Practitioner, Krystle Antonio's mission is to touch, transform hearts, minds and souls of millions of people with her work, to ignite passions that have never been awaken or have died, and to spread as much love as she is humanly capable of spreading.

Ever since she was a little girl, Krystle has been in love with anything that pertained to love but truly began her quest in search for the meaning of “true love” after finding her soul mate in 2009. Ever since then, Krystle's concept of love has been turned upside down, backwards and forwards, and did a 360° all at the same time. From this relationship, she have discovered for herself the real meaning of love ( and still learning) and wants to spread what she has learned to others to make this world more lovable to live in.



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