Funny English 1-2-3: Funny Mistakes Japanese Make in English (English Edition)

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発売日:[平成27年]2015年11月14日(土曜日) 1319日[約3年7ヵ月]前です

リリース日:[平成27年]2015年11月14日(土曜日) 1319日[約3年7ヵ月]前です



“Funny English 1-2-3” is a collection of the first three “Funny English” books: “Funny English 1,” “Funny English 2,” and “Funny English 3.” Included in this collection are 30 funny examples of mistakes Japanese make in speaking English—the previously published lessons “NUMBER ONE” to “NUMBER THIRTY.” Below is the table of contents:

NUMBER ONE: “You had better go to Yoyogi Park.”

NUMBER TWO: “My boss is troublesome.”

NUMBER THREE: “Can you drink beer?”

NUMBER FOUR: “Teach me her name.”

NUMBER FIVE: “I’ll buy a carton of beer.”

NUMBER SIX: “Did you see the thunder last night?”

NUMBER SEVEN: “I got a full score.”

NUMBER EIGHT: “Did you go swimming while vacation?”

NUMBER NINE: “The coffee is service.”

NUMBER TEN: “I had dog.”

NUMBER ELEVEN: “I should be at work by 8 AM.”

NUMBER TWELVE: “I need a consent.”

NUMBER THIRTEEN: “My apartment has flooring.”

NUMBER FOURTEEN: “Do you like trump?”

NUMBER FIFTEEN: “He died for a disease.”

NUMBER SIXTEEN: “Ah, you mean, “karaoke?”

NUMBER SEVENTEEN: “How do you think?”

NUMBER EIGHTEEN: “I was stolen my shoes.”

NUMBER NINETEEN: “She’s the right woman”

NUMBER TWENTY: “I stayed up till midnight”

NUMBER TWENTY-ONE: “I recommend you to go to New York.”

NUMBER TWENTY-TWO: “I am so boring tonight.”

NUMBER TWENTY-THREE: “What’s her character like?”

NUMBER TWENTY-FOUR: “We almost went drinking.”

NUMBER TWENTY-FIVE: “I’m a safety driver.”

NUMBER TWENTY-SIX: “Where was the wedding party—at a hotel?”

NUMBER TWENTY-SEVEN: “I’m wearing short pants in this one.”

NUMBER TWENTY-EIGHT: “I think we should significantly upgrade our loyality program.”

NUMBER TWENTY-NINE: “Yes, I didn’t.”

NUMBER THIRTY: “I remember tripping Hokkaido”

The “Funny English” series includes over 300 funny mistakes that Japanese make when speaking English. Each book in this series contains 10 or more funny mistakes that Japanese commonly make, as well as corrections and explanations of the mistake.

“Funny English” will improve your English by helping you eliminate all the most common mistakes that Japanese make when speaking English. Other non-English speakers will also benefit from this series as their mistakes are often the same as those made by Japanese.

More information about the series: These examples of funny English are definitely not just beginner mistakes; most of these mistakes are commonly made by intermediate and advanced English speakers in Japan.



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