The cold country/how I met my best friend - part 1 (Rosamund and Andrew) (English Edition)






発売日:[平成29年]2017年2月12日(日曜日) 765日[約2年1ヵ月]前です

リリース日:[平成29年]2017年2月12日(日曜日) 765日[約2年1ヵ月]前です



Two different individuals in their late twenties leave their past lives behind them and come to a distant city to live a solitary life with different expectations. Their paths cross at one crucial moment, making way to a singular relationship between them.

"...... I was angry because good looking men tested my emotions and broke my focus. I was jealous and frustrated of success they had achieved so quickly in their lives and was humiliated about that jealousy, frustration and anger because they were against my moral principles....."

"......I knew all the single ladies and majority of the taken ladies would fall for me eventually. I was rich, successful, intelligent and handsome. In addition, I was sporty, funny, could dance fairly well, could sing, could play the guitar and many more things because my parents had enough money to spend whenever I was feeling restless at school or in the college....."

".....Who says it’s the right thing to do when it’s just what the majority would do and consider normal? I could win all the conversations and become the wisest person around under the shower but then there I was, a sad insignificant life, staring at the rain outside, not having a clue about the future and uncertain about the present......"

"......With the years of experience, I was competent in playing so many types. The proud rich boy, the clever shy one, wealthy and playful, shy and romantic, skilled and tough……the combinations were numerous but the trick was to match it with the right girl. I was so lost in my acts that I had forgotten who I really was......."



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