The Freeing of a Bandit (English Edition)

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発売日:[平成29年]2017年7月18日(火曜日) 676日[約1年10ヵ月]前です

リリース日:[平成29年]2017年7月18日(火曜日) 676日[約1年10ヵ月]前です



This is a touching story about a Yorkie, named Bandit. He is born into a bad situation and a not so good looking future. The beauty of this story is how a life can suddenly change in a second. The pure love that this book has is so pure it feels as if you know Bandit and you can't help but root for him right off the bat. This was such a difficult situation to be in when this was all happening. It was just a roller coaster ride that really tested your strength in not giving up staying positive. To see a real life lesson moment that you hear about but hope never happens to you and no less does but in a way that could have gone many ways, both good and bad. The fact that this turned into something amazing after such a rocky start is a blessing for me. I made the right decisions to make sure Bandit was never to be neglected again. The relationship that was created from this horrible start to a new family helped make a connection so strong I never even knew was possible between dogs and humans. I grew up with dogs my entire life. Two actually, Tiffany, who was a Toy Poodle, passed away at the young age of 5 due to eating a onion that she somehow was able to get to. The acid in the onion just was too much for the 5 pounds she was. That was devastating for my entire family. We were so heart broken that we all felt getting another dog after that horrible event was not something we were interested in. Time heals most wounds as they say. A few years later my family decided we were ready to bring a puppy in our family. A white, Toy Poodle named Malibu who was the best dog in so many ways. She wasn't a dog most people would want if your looking for a rough, big, and physical dog. Malibu was not any of that. She was just such a sweet loving animal who just knew how to make you feel you were never alone, and just had this presence about her that was just so cute because she didn't have a bad bone in her. She was my cuddle buddy for almost her entire life. She slept right next to my shoulder, and even sometimes in my armpit because she loved to be close. Malibu lived for 17 years and just passed away a year and a half ago. She was the kindest animal I've ever come across, and I just can't imagine anything ever being on her level. So with that said my relationship with Bandit is stronger than what I had with Malibu. It amazes me the love and responsibility I feel towards him is so high it is like as if he was my actual child. I had two other dogs in old relationships but they didn't live with me, and yes they were my dogs but they weren't with me enough for that real strong bond was ever made which at the time was difficult because I realized as time went on and they grew in age it became more distance because I was young and still lived with my parents. So yea that was the situation that worked against me but I accepted that reality as I had no other choice. Now Bandit was my first dog I lived with, raised, and is me and my girlfriend's dog. We live together and we talked about getting a dog for 2 years and because of where we lived we couldn't have pets. We moved to Florida May of last year and allowed to have pets here so once we were settled in and had the opportunity to we jumped on it. The two of us both love dogs and really wanted the perfect dog for our home. A Yorkie was the perfect fit and the fact we both wanted the same dog helped but the excitement, and played a major role in how Bandit was welcomed in such open arms as he was the first addition to our family. For us to go thru that scary situation in which it seemed doomed at the time was just so scary and truly heartbreaking for us both. He was no less so cute, but so loving and a personality everyone hopes the dog they get has and he had it! This story in my life was one that I feel many people will enjoy and fall in love with because it's so real and all ages of people will enjoy. I felt that this happiness should be shared with the world and I believe people will love it!



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