The Helio Trilogy: Volumes 1-3 (English Edition)







発売日:[平成29年]2017年11月8日(水曜日) 104日[約3ヵ月と14日]前です

リリース日:[平成29年]2017年11月8日(水曜日) 104日[約3ヵ月と14日]前です



The Amazon Bestselling Helio Trilogy is now available in a single volume.

Volumes 1-3:

MIDNIGHT DIVINE: Leaving her broken home and shady past behind, Ivy Harris is determined to make something of herself. Her new acquaintance, Jack Roe, is irritating and arrogant with a womanizing reputation. Despite his secretive behavior and constant pursuit of her, Ivy finds herself falling for him. When Jack’s secrets are revealed, Ivy discovers her life isn't her own as she's trapped within a conflict between beings of light and darkness.

After a series of dangerous encounters threaten her existence, she finds comfort from a mysterious stranger and gains the loyalty of unexpected forces. The walls Ivy has secured around her crumble in the wake of tragedy, and the devotion of her friends provide her with the family she's longed for. With their safety and her survival contingent on her actions, Ivy has no choice but to become the force of nature she's destined to be.

GILDED INFERNO: Ivy Harris has been hunted down ever since unearthing her true nature as an immortal weapon created through Divine intervention. She has fought and bled, and loved and lost. Now, withdrawn from the family she gained, the love of her life, Jack, attempts to break through her walls. While she’s lost in the guilt of her past and her first love, Solas, remains in the depths of their enemies, Ivy struggles to find a balance between who she is and who she is expected to be.



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