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The world has ended. Alien invaders - the Autonomous Resilient Nonhumans - dominate the Earth from pole to pole, and hold humanity hostage under their oversized robotic heel. The fires of dissent are swiftly stamped out, and soon, even the thought of revolution will be a death sentence. In one last, desperate act, the surviving human resistance unleashes Cyber-Knife, a fighter unlike any other.

Cyber-Knife IS the apex predator: stronger, smarter, faster, and more ruthless than any human warrior who has ever lived. With perfectly manipulated genetics, and mechanical augmentation atop them, he hits back against the ARNs, scoring crucial victories where no one had ever won before. Cyber-Knife buys humankind precious breathing room, and time to regain its footing in the war for our home.

Tonight, Cyber-Knife departs for the heart of the enemy operation: the jungles of Vietnam, rendered all but unrecognizable in the years since nuclear war shook the earth and rattled the sky. He and the freedom fighters he inspires inch closer to total victory with every fight they win, but it won't come quickly enough to save the Earth at the glacial pace with which they push the invaders back. The hopes and dreams of an entire civilization rest on the quick strike Cyber-Knife hopes to complete, tearing the head off the ARN regime and putting an end to their rule in one swift stroke.

The sun sets over the ocean. Cyber-Knife steels himself for the task at hand, and wonders. Victory means a future for humanity, but is he human any more? Was he ever?



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