The Salvaging

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You can read book app online or offline once it installed.

The design of book thickness makes the book app look life-like and reading interesting.

The flipping effect looks more vivid

The bottom of each page of book app shows the reading percentage, chapter name and current time.

Dance your finger on the touch screen to flip over the book app from left to right or oppositely.

The Previous and Next buttons facilitate flipping action.

Slight click the center of Android device screen to open the basic setting icons combination: Previous, Next, Catalog, Day/Night, Config and About.

Through clicking icon of Catalog, you can check all the chapters’ title of the book app.

Config: define font size, line space, screen light turning on/off when reading, book basic information.

Day/ night: beautiful parchment texture as background, also you can modify the font color and size.

About: Check out book app basic information such as name, author, category, description, etc.

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