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Support AirMirror. The best screen cast performance on Android. Fully support IOS12 and the latest Youtube video.

Support Google Screen Cast. You can cast your android screen to your FireTV using Google Cast.

Support DMP/SMB Client, you can directly pull media content from NAS server using your FireTV.

Support automatically/manually load external subtitle(.ass,.ssa,.srt) files.

The only third-party device which support audio sync with other AirExpress/AppleTV devices.

Compatibility with AirParrot/AirSender. you can use AirParrot/AirSender mirror your PC screen on your Android Tablet.

Windows Screen Mirror: Download and Install the Free Tools AirSender in your PC( Click the icon of "AirSender" at Windows status bar, select the Device running AirReceiver.

Stream audio/video/photo from AirPlay and DLNA clients, Support slideshow feature.

Run in the background as a service and started on boot.

The only one AirPlay/DMR/Google Cast application supporting FireTV.

リリース日:[令和3年]2021年4月22日(木曜日) 524日[約1年5ヵ月]前です



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参考価格 305円
[ 価格調査日時 2022年9月29日 16時58分日本時間]

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