Power Girls Super City – Superhero Salon, Miraculous Pets & Monster Rescue

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Join fun adventures of the Power Girls in Super City!

Meet NEW superhero animal friends: fox Sparky, deer Daisy and seal Misty!

Dress up the pets in the coolest superhero outfits!

Go on a NEW mission: River Monster is blocking the river flow & water is everywhere!

Save the City from creatures & rescue Ice Monster, Fire Monster & Trash Monster!

Play dress up, bath spa, makeup & cooking games for girls in the Power Girls' house!

Learn to sort waste, clean up, use kitchen tools, set the table & more!

Build good daily care habits & learn how to save the environment!

Play & learn with the Power Girls in Super City!

リリース日:[令和2年]2020年5月15日(金曜日) 394日[約1年1ヵ月]前です



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