Calibre Sync

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Unlimited Calibre libraries on Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, pCloud, WebDav, Nextcloud, and OwnCloud services

Pull, Refresh or Remove a library from Calibre Sync

Support different book list layouts: List - detailed and simple, Grid, and Carousel

Search across all of your available libraries on books by title, authors, and even in comments and custom columns

Filter books on authors, series, tags, language, publishers, formats and in custom columns

Sort libraries by title, author, ratings, and several Date options - ascending and descending

Show book identifiers and link to source (like ISBN, Amazon, Google Books, Goodreads, etc)

View the file size of each book format, open downloaded book in your book reader application to read a book

Support for custom columns in book details view

Share book details, email or share a copy of downloaded book

リリース日:[令和3年]2021年7月20日(火曜日) 7日前です



新品販売価格 403円
参考価格 403円
[ 価格調査日時 2021年7月26日 11時11分日本時間]

コメント: 参考価格と新品販売価格は同じ価格でした。
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