The Messenger: The Awakening to a New World (English Edition)

『The Messenger: The Awakening to a New World (English Edition)』のトップ画像





発売日:[平成27年]2015年9月17日(木曜日) 1526日[約4年2ヵ月]前です

リリース日:[平成27年]2015年9月17日(木曜日) 1526日[約4年2ヵ月]前です



“There is a New World being born in place of the old world. Although people are not happy with what is happening in the old world, they are accustomed to it. So accustomed that they're asleep and don't even realize it. This book is a Messen­ger to the Awakening in the New World. It brings information that you may need, questions that may bother you and answers that may suit you.”

Prepared by the author based on experiences in the way of his own awakening, and inspired by connections with the perennial wisdom in modern philosophy introduced by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, provides the basis for understanding and conquest of a new attitude in life; through a contemporary spirituality and a simple message, with many examples and a colloquial, straightforward style.

Part of this book is presented in the form of a dialogue; the interviewer group included Christians, Buddhists, Spiritualists, followers of Indian tradition, students of the Jewish Kabbalah; practitioners of shamanism and ayahuasca ceremonies, practitioners of yoga and meditation, spiritual freethinkers and atheists; economists, a PhD scientist in functional neurophysiology of the brain, a Brazilian journalist who works abroad, writers, educators and psychologists.

The Messenger is the first in a series of books with the Purpose of assisting in the awakening to a new paradigm of life in the New World.



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